Mephisto and Pheles

Mephisto and Pheles

Written by Voyen Koreis
Directed by Rod Felsch

Two devils form a team of Hell’s trouble-shooters who use modern methods of marketing, computers, mobile phones and Viagra. Mephisto really wants to be a poet, Pheles is a compulsive computer gamer. They time-travel to 16th century to solve the ‘Faust problem’ – instead they end up as asylum seekers in Heaven.

Things don’t go the way they’d been planned – Mephisto falls in love with Siebel, who in the opera is a ‘pants role’, but here is an innocent virgin girl. Marguerite, known as Meg, an escort girl on contract with Hell, who turns out to be a lesbian, is also trying to seduce her.

While all this is happening, Faust, who wants to be an immortal literary character, is having continuous problems, not only trying to bed the man-hating and politically correct Meg, but also with the Viagra and mobile phone, both of which he had earned as a bonus for signing up his soul fast and so did the recognition.

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