Meet the Cast of Noises Off

Meet the cast of Noises Off

Noises Off

Written by Michael Frayn
Directed by William McCreery-Rye

We’re busy in rehearsals, making sure we bring you the best production possible. If you’re not familiar with Noises Off, it’s a farce that takes a behind-the-scenes look at the production of a fictional play called “Nothing’s On.” It’s known for its intricate structure and comedic elements, providing a humorous portrayal of the challenges and chaos that can occur during the staging of a theatrical production.

The play is divided into three acts, each showing a different perspective of the production: the final rehearsal, a performance seen from backstage, and a disastrous last performance of the play’s run. The humour comes from the contrast between the on-stage performances and the backstage chaos, with doors slamming, mistaken identities, and other comedic mishaps.

Meet the cast below:

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