Lighting & Sound Workshop

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18 November – 10am – 2.30pm

Want to help behind the scenes with light and sound? Now’s your chance to find out what we have and how it works!

We’ll start with lights

• What is the difference between the old and the LED
• How to hook them up
• How to control them
• Thoughts and discussion from all as we go through on design and things learnt from getting it wrong sometimes

Then Sound

• What we have
• How is it connected (and why)
• How to do basics with our sound software
• Thoughts and discussion as we go

We use the Jands Vista App for our lighting control, free to try on your computer – Windows and Mac

We use Qlab v3.0 for our sound and video, free to try with basic functionality – Mac only

Feel free to load software and bring your laptop, we will get practical and let you light up the room and try some audio.

Session will be Moderated/Run by Brian Hobby who has been messing about with the technical side of theatre since high school which is longer ago than he cares to think about.

Limited spots so register your attendance list quickly.

All inquiries and/or RSVPs to Brian on or 0418 131 146

10am – 2.30pm — we’ll break for nibbles and discussion so bring something to share.