Breath of Spring – A Play Reading with High Tea

by Peter Coke

19 August – 2pm

When Dame Beatrice Appleby (whose reduced circumstances have caused her to take in paying guests) is given a mink stole by her maid, she is reminded of the maid’s shady past and immediately suspects that it was stolen from the next flat. A former army officer and other lodgers endeavour to return the stole and the group put aside their differences,  pulling together under the Brigadier’s planning and organisation to return the fur before it is missed. The excitement gets to all of them and they decide to steal furs to raise money to help those in need. When the police turn up and all Hell breaks loose the gang try desperately to cover up every trace of their illegal activities. A big hit when it was originally released and quickly adapted into the 1960 film Make Mine Mink which starred several great British actors including Terry Thomas, Hattie Jacques, and a young Billie Whitelaw as the maid – the title of this play may seem odd at first, but Breath of Spring was the name given to a naturally pale blue coloured, quite rare mink pelt used in very expensive and exclusive clothing.

“Two hours of…moments when I was helpless with laughter.” – London Daily Mirror

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