Auditions for ‘Things I Know To Be True’ on 11 April

Auditions for ‘Things I Know To Be True’ on 11 April

Centenary Theatre Group presents its third season, the wonderful Australian play ‘Things I Know to be True’ by Andrew Bovell.

We all have families, and, love them or loath them, we have to live with them.

This play is a brilliant exploration of the family dynamic. Beautifully, simply, written with depths of meaning to engage every actor who’s interested in a role of real substance and intent.

Meet the Price family:

  • BOB, 63, retrenched auto factory worker
  • FRAN, 57 senior nurse

Their children:

  • PIP, 34, Education Department bureaucrat (female role)
  • MARK, 32, information technology specialist
  • BEN, 28 financial services worker
  • ROSIE, 19, who doesn’t know who she is or wants she wants to be yet

Of course, those ages are the author’s own notes on his characters and we are looking to the filling of the roles of a family and creating the family believably, more than a strict adherence to the ages (though of course the children should really be of ages that the parents could have produced them).

Audition is at 12 noon on 11 April, 2021 at the CTG venue at corner Queenscroft and Halsbury Streets, Chelmer (literally opposite from Chelmer train station for those reliant on public transport).

Callbacks if needed will be on 18 April, 2021 also from 12 noon. If a cast IS able to be chosen on the first day, the 18th WILL REMAIN as the first readthrough occasion.

Season will commence on 17 July, and run for four weekends through to early August.

Yes, these auditions are early but there will be time in the early weeks to get to know these characters and it will not be a packed schedule immediately.

Rehearsals are planned to be two evenings in the week and a longer day on Sundays. The schedule will be put together bearing in mind commitments of cast and, in the early weeks, the need to work in with the then rehearsing season of the play that precedes this one. The number of rehearsals will likely increase as the opening night looms. We do seek a bit of flexibility from you if you are cast, so please bear that in mind.

There is no pay offered, just the opportunity to work with amazing material and to create a production that will be memorable.

Gary Kliger is the director. Contact him on 0417 012 418, garykliger@yahoo.com.au

We look forward to seeing you there!