Audition for Mephisto & Pheles

Audition for Mephisto & Pheles

Sat 06 July 1pm at Centenary Theatre 

From the Director, Rod Felsch

Voyen came to several productions at CTG in 2009 having just published his latest script and gave us several copies for perusal .  As things do, they sat in three homes for years mentioned from time to time until Rod decided to have another look and suggest he direct it. Sadly, Voyen passed in 2022 so we present this premier Brisbane production. 

A COMEDY WITH THE MUSIC BY GOUNOD. Three devils, two male and one female, form a team of Hell’s trouble-shooters. They use the modern methods of marketing.

Roles required

Mephisto: a devil, who wants to become a poet.

Pheles: his twin brother, a compulsive computer games player.

The Boss: a self-important head of Hell’s public relations department (becomes Faust)

The Secretary: the Boss’ submissive PA (becomes Siebel)

Faust: the impoverished 16th century would-be-magician, boastful and ambitious, who aspires to becoming an immortal literary character. He however has problems with the mobile phone, Viagra, and political correctness.

Catherine Siebel: an innocent young girl in service to Faust, with many hitherto unsuspected talents – ever an object of Mephisto’s libidinous desires.

Brigitte: a former courtesan turned probationary she-devil (becomes Meg)

Meg: a lesbian who is being sent to Faust to provide the challenge that he desperately needs to fulfill his ambitions.

Required :  Cold reads from script

Season run at Chelmer Community Hall
14 September – 06 October 2024

Fri/ Sat 14,20,21,27 Sept 4,5 Oct 7.30pm
Sat 28 Sept 2pm
– Sun 22,29 Sept 06 Oct 2pm