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Good Grief

(September 2017)

“Saw the show on Friday night and simply LOVED it. Sensitive direction by Cam Castles and absolutely amazing performances by the actors. Selina Kadell turned in a powerhouse performance as June Pepper. She was never off-stage for the entire play, and had to master many voices in her one character. And so much dialogue. And I loved every second of her performance. My hat comes off to such incredible talent. This was my first attendance at a CTG production, but hope it is not my last. I particularly loved the word projections on the wall with each scene change. I really enjoyed how this represented the gradual unfogging of the protagonist’s mind over time; how she started to find some clarity through the twisted road of grief. Cleverly done and a great point of focus between the scenes.”
DJT – Facebook

“I have been away, but wanted to say how much our party of 6 enjoyed “Good Grief” on Sunday 24th Sept. To play the widow with such gruelling timing, and to play her so well, is the mark of a real expert. Can you let our favourite widow and the entire team know how appreciative we are.. Many Thanks, RM”
via Facebook


(May 2007)

By the way, we saw “Shadowlands” the other night and my only complaint is my hands hurt from clapping. Absolutely beautiful”
via e-mail

“To the Cast of Shadowlands,   Thank you for a most enjoyable evening last Saturday. Your portrayal of C S Lewis’ latter years was superbly acted. The players of the lead characters of Jack, Warnie & Joy can justly take a bow – you were magnificent in every detail!” via e-mail

“Hi. Just want to let you know that [we] thoroughly enjoyed Shadowlands. The cast were excellent and portrayed the story of C. S. Lewis in a very strong and realistic way. Would you please give our thanks to everyone involved in the production. [We] felt very welcome at the theatre – it was like a little family. Thank you for such a lovely night. Bless you, ”
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The Gin Game

(March 2005)

“I wanted to e-mail to say how much we enjoyed The Gin Game on the Saty night just gone. My wife & I have never been to your theatre before & we had a great night enjoying a great piece done by great players who were well directed. Well done & we will be very regular attendees at your shows from now on.”
via e-mail

Wait Until Dark

(March 2003)

“Bloody good play … very impressed … will be going to many more.”
GF – audience member – 5 April 2003

Our Town

(October 2003)

“My wife and I were in the audience last Friday night for Centenary Theatre Group’s production of Our Town. We very much enjoyed the play and I think Thornton Wilder would have praised your production too. We have a video of the old film starring William Holden and Martha Scott and allowing for the differences between stage and screen, your production was better. Your Stage Manager was excellent and he was well supported by many other lead players in your cast. … We look forward to attending more of your productions in future.”
via e-mail

Anyone for Breakfast

(December 2003)

“Once again my wife & I enjoyed a theatre night with the Centenary Group. We attended Friday night’s performance, thoroughly enjoy ourselves and shared laughs with the audience. It was a very funny script, well cast, well played and well directed … We look forward to attending more Centenary Theatre productions next year”

Not Now Darling

(December 2002)

Very picturesque”
Audience member

“I’ll never look at tea towels the same way again”
Audience member

“I’ll have to come again to catch all the jokes I missed the first time around”
Audience member

“Sounds like everyone’s having a wonderful time”
FOH Volunteer

Beyond Therapy

(June 2001)

“Also big congratulations on Beyond Therapy which our group of 10 greatly enjoyed – those who were not theatre-goers and had expectations of stuffiness, amateurity and boredom were very surprised at the professional standard – they didn’t expect to laugh so much.”
BA – June 2001

“Went to the production on Sunday 6pm and enjoyed the show immensely. I often think that a lot of work goes in by the actors … Congratulations to all concerned. Another top production!”
AJ – 21 May 2001