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March 2018

True Minds

by Joanna Murray-Smith

Directed by Gary O'Neil

Tracey Wheeler – Leigh Varma
Daisy Grayson – Beck Haining
Mitchell Carter – Stephen Quinn
Maxim Grayson – Trevor Bond
Vivienne Fairfax – Beverley Wood
Benedict Perring – Trevor Sammon

May 2018

The Shifting Heart

by Richard Benyon

Directed by Janine Francis

Poppa Bianchi – Rod Felsch
Leila Pratt – Joanne Robinson
Gino Bianchi – Adeodatus McCormack
Momma Bianchi – Paula White
Clarry Fowler – Daniel Medda
Maria Fowler – Simone-Maree Dixon
Donny Pratt – Laurie Webb
Detective Sgt. Lukie – Laurie Webb

July/August 2018

War of the Worlds – The Panic Broadcast

by Joe Landry

Directed by Cam Castles

Voice artists:
Calvin Smith
Andrew Wallace
Andy Cosier
Gary Kliger
Guy Smith
Aubry Thonon

September 2018

Outside Mullingar

by John Patrick Shaley

Directed by Rod Felsch

Tony  – Brian Hinselwood
Anthony  – Patrick Farrelly
Aoife  – Penny Murphy
Rosemary – Meg Hinselwood

November 2018

Towards Zero

By Agatha Christie & Gerard Venner

Directed by Kurt A. Lerps

Thomas Royde – Erik de Wit
Kay Strange – Elizabeth Best
Mary Aldin – Debra Chalmers
Matthew Treves – Brian Hinselwood
Nevile Strange – Brad Oliver
Lady Camilla Tresillian – Jill Brocklebank
Audrey Strange – Meg Hinselwood
Ted Latimer – Daren King
Superintendent Battle – Mark Scott
Inspector Janet Leach – Alison Lees