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March 2017


by Jeffrey Hatcher

 Directed by Gary O’Neil

 Gerald – Patrick Farrelly
Lucy   – Beverley Wood
Minka  – Mary Woodall

May 2017

Run for Your Wife

by Ray Cooney

Directed by Alan Youngson

Mary Smith – Natalie Pedler
Barbara Smith – Ciara Foley
John Smith – Tyler Harris
Stanley Gardner – Matthew Nesbit
DS Troughton – John Bennetto
DS Porterhouse – Laurie Webb
Bobby Franklyn – Braydon Mengel
Photographer – Nathalie Cattaneo

July 2017

Spring Heeled Terror of Stepney Green

By Stanley Walsh
Directed by William McCreery-Rye

Daniel Medda
Sophie Salvesani
Alan Brown
Nick Cockroft
Nathalie Cattanes
Robert Morgan
Laurie Webb
Jessica Wake
Joshua Byrd
Ewan Jenks
Kel C Leanne
Troy Bullock

September 2017

Good Grief

By Keith Waterhouse

Directed by Cam Castles

June Pepper – Selina Kadell
Pauline Pepper – Simone-Maree Dixon
Eric Grant – Paul McGibbon
“The Suit” – Guy Smith
Barman – Liam Castles

November 2017

There goes the Bride

by Ray Cooney and John Chapman

Directed by Janine Francis

Ursula Westerby – Helen Ekundayo
Judy Westerby – Lauren Thompson
Daphne Drimmond – Jill Brocklebank
Gerald Drimmond – Rod Felsch
Timothy Westerby – Michael Lawrence
Bill Shorter – Nathaniel Young
Polly Perkins – Melanie Pennisi
Charles Babcock – Brad Oliver