1981 – 2000

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The Odd Couple (Female Version) by Neil Simon directed by Len Granato

Lilies of the Field by F. Andrew Leslie directed by Don Smith

Gasping by Ben Elton, directed by Eric Scott

Summer of the 17th Doll by Ray Lawler directed by Fred Wessely

Emma Celebrazione by Graham Pitts directed by Isabel Telford


Page 3 Murder by Larry Beghel – directed by Alan Brown

Harp in the South by Ruth Park – directed by Laurence Marshall

Hating Alison Ashley by Robin Klein – directed by Antony King and Laura Bowles

Darling Buds of May by H.E. Bates – directed by Graham Thomas

Table Manners by Alan Ayckbourne -directed by Isabel Telford


Two Weeks with the Queen by Mary Morris – directed by Laura Bowles

Jigsaws by Jennifer Rogers – directed by Phoebe Todhunter

Beyond Reasonable Doubt by Jeffrey Archer – directed by Isabel Telford

Mr. A’s Amazing Plays by Alan Ayckbourne – directed by Helen Bennett

Sweeny Todd the Barber by Brian J. Barton – directed by Fred Wessely


Can’t Pay Won’t Pay by Dario Fo – directed by Helen Bennett

Suburb of Babylon by Hugh Leonard – directed by Phoebe Todhunter and Julie-Claire Hogben

Babes in the Wood by Paul Reakes – directed by Laura Bowles and Susan O’Toole

Cosi by Louis Nowra directed by Fred Wessely

Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling – directed by Katy Robinson


Once a Catholic by Mary O’Malley -directed by Fred Wessely

Beauty & the Beast by Trudy West – directed by Laura Bowles

God’s Favourite by Neil Simon – directed by Isabel Telford


The Captains and the Kings by Mark Burkley, directed by Ron Kelly

I have Hunch directed by Sandra Harman

Ali-Baba directed by Jeanette Haycock

The Heartbreak Kid directed by Stephen Scott

Three’s Company – An evening of 3 one act plays – The Oval Portrait by Ron Kelly, Punch Loves Judy by Michael Doreman and Buck Privates by Barry Oakley.


Brilliant Lies directed by Eric Scott

Daylight Saving directed by Len Granato

Bang Bang directed by Paul Ianniello

The Great Fairytale Robbery directed by Eric Scott

Perfect Murder directed by Stephen Scott


Wink at the Sphinx directed by Jeannette Haycock

They Came to A City directed by Lyn De Voil

Boeing Boeing directed by Val Hood

Dinkum Assorted directed by Brenda White

The Green Wizard directed by Isabel Telford


They Came to a City by J.B. Priestly, directed by Lyn de Voil

Adolf’s Last Wish directed by Barry Rees

No Sex Please, We’re British by Alistair Foot & Anthony Marriott, directed by Janet Barnes

Voyage of the Dawn Treader directed by Brenda White

But I’m Still Here directed by Graham Thomas

Bonaventure directed by Brenda White

Bone Chiller directed by Isabel Telford


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory directed by Maxine Whittles

The Creature Creeps directed by Graham Thomas

White Sheep of the Family directed by Brenda White

Slaughter at Bluebeard High (a theatre restaurant) by Paul Collings, directed by Barry Rees


Two and Two Make Sex by Ray Cooney directed by Beth Prescott

Winterthing by Joan Aiken directed by Gail Burke

From the Fourteenth Floor You Can See the Harbour Bridge by Barbara Stellmach directed by Bart Hosking

Towards Zero directed by Graham McKenzie

Gosforths Fete by Alan Ayckbourne directed by Mel Bell

The Furtive Fortunes of Fickle Fate by Nevil Thurgood, directed by Simone de Haas


Pardon Me Prime Minister directed by Gary Silk

Working adapted by Steven Schwartz and Nina Faso (from the book by Studs Terkel), directed by Mel Bell

Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie directed by Barry Rees

Variety Show/Theatre Restaurant “Jaffas Down the Isle”


Dimboola by Jack Hibberd directed by Ellen Foley

Last of the Red Hot Lovers by Neil Simon directed by Beth Prescott

The Anniversary by Bill McIlwraith directed by John Kieseker

Variety show – “Fitzie’s Ritzy Speakeasy”


Godspell directed by Mel Bell

A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie, directed by Beth Prescott

The Philanthropist directed by Graham Thomas

The Fantasticks by Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones, directed by Mel Bell


Straight Up by Syd Cheatle directed by Janet Barnes

Oh What a Lovely War directed by Mel Bell

Portraits for Adult Viewing directed by Roni Davies (a bracket of short plays, including Bortolt Brecht’s A Respectable Wedding, David Cregan’s Transcending and Heathcote Williams’ Hancock’s Last Half Hour)


I have Five Daughters by Margaret McNamara directed by Roni Davies

An Evening with Noel Coward (a joint variety evening by the Village Players of Kenmore and Centenary Players) (“Still Life” and “Fumed Oak”)

Toad of Toad Hall


The Secretary Bird directed by Rex Tilley

Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, directed by Janet Barnes & Gail Burke


Plaza Suite by Neil Simon directed by Penny Douglas, Ian Lloyd and Beth Prescott

Confusions by Alan Ayckbourne directed by Graeme Crouch

The House of Bernarda Alba by Lorca, directed by Fred Wessley

“The Private Ear” and “Mr. Foot” directed by Roni Davies

Mr. Foot by Michael Frayn and The Private Ear by Peter Shaffer, directed by Roni Davies


Critic’s Choice by Ira Levin directed by Marion Gould

The Boy Friend by Sandy Wilson, directed by Peter Cahill

The Hollow by Agatha Christie, directed by Wesley Walker


Caught in the Villain’s Web by Herbert E. Swayne, directed by Graeme Crouch

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, directed by Peter Cahill

Murder in Company by Philip King and Duncan Greenwood

What If You Died Tomorrow by David Williamson directed by Graham Thomas