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We have a long and rich history of theatrical productions, of which we are very proud.

… if we’ve missed anything or you have old pictures or old programs (!) to share please let us know.

2017 November

There Goes the Bride

By Ray Cooney and John Chapman
Directed by Janine Francis

Why on the morning of his daughter’s wedding does Timothy Westerby suddenly start talking to and dancing with someone no-one else can see?

Who is Polly? Is she a kitten; a parrot or an electric blanket? And what are Timothy’s mysterious ‘do-dahs’?

Helen Ekundayo as Ursula Westerby
Lauren Thompson as Judy Westerby
Rod Felsch as Gerald Drimmond
Jill Brocklebank as Daphne Drimmond
Michael Lawrence as Timothy Westerby
Nathaniel Young as Bill Shorter
Melanie Pennisi as Polly Perkins
Brad Oliver as Charles Babcock

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2017 September

Good Grief

By Keith Waterhouse
Directed by Cam Castles

June, trying to adapt to widowhood, makes a new and unexpected acquaintance through a donation to charity. We follow her progress, aided or otherwise by her step-daughter, a former colleague of her husband’s, and her own unique way of keeping in touch with her previous life. A strong play, lightened with humour and plenty of laughs.

June Pepper – Selina Kadell
Pauline Pepper – Simone-Maree Dixon
Eric Grant – Paul McGibbon
“The Suit” – Guy Smith
Barman – Liam Castles

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2017 July

Spring Heeled Terror of Stepney Green – A THEATRE RESTAURANT

The spring heeled terror was known as Spring-heeled Jack in Victorian English times. He has a mythical status similar to that of Jack the Ripper, but with paranormal abilities. Tales of Jack, are predecessor to slender man based on a several cases and perpetuated in the Penny Satire comics. This spring heeled terror first “sprung up” in 1837 wearing a black cloak over a helmet and a skin tight outfit. He was known to leap over buildings to attack and frighten unsuspecting victims with red piercing eyes, long claws and a beastly breath of blue flames. The reign of terror although starting in the poorer East end of London spread as far as Liverpool with sightings 1904. These ghostly supernatural attacks terrified Londoners so much the Lord Mayor at the time John Cowan attempted to assure residents of their safety with the involvement of police from Scotland Yard.


Daniel Medda
Sophie Salvesani
Alan Brown
Nick Cockroft
Nathalie Cattanes
Robert Morgan
Laurie Webb
Jessica Wake
Joshua Byrd
Ewan Jenks
Kel C Leanne
Troy Bullock

2017 May

Run for your Wife by Ray Cooney

“One London cabbie, two wives, one very wild ride”

Directed by Alan Youngson

The story revolves around London Cab driver John Smith with two wives, two lives and a very precise schedule for juggling them both.

Trouble brews when Smith is mugged and ends up in hospital, where both of his addresses surface, causing both the Streatham and Wimbledon police to investigate. Having upset his schedule, Smith becomes hopelessly entangled in his attempts to explain himself to his wives and two suspicious police officers, with “help” from his lazy layabout neighbour upstairs.


Mary Smith – Natalie Pedler
Barbara Smith – Ciara Foley
John Smith – Tyler Harris
Stanley Gardner – Matthew Nesbit
DS Troughton – John Bennetto
DS Porterhouse – Laurie Webb
Bobby Franklyn – Braydon Mengel
Photographer – Nathalie Cattaneo

2017 March

Murderers by Jeffrey Hatcher “a killer comedy”

Directed by Gary O’Neill


Patrick Farrelly

Beverley Wood

Mary Woodall

“Murderers” consists of three comic monologues about revenge, blackmail, money, justice, jealousy, and murder set in the Riddle Key Luxury Senior Retirement Living Center and Golf Course.

The stories: