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CTG’s first production for 2019 is Heroes; Heroes is set in a French retirement home for First World War veterans. Gustav, Played by (Cam Castles) Philippe (Played by Andrew Wallace) and Henri, (played by Gary Kliger) pass their time grumbling about the staff, dreaming about young women and arguing over whether a statue of a dog is alive. They also hatch a plan to make a break for freedom – taking the dog with them.

Sir Tom Stoppard adapted Gérald Sibleyras's Le Vent des peupliers for a starry West End opening, the first problem was the title. The original French means “The Wind in the Poplars”, and Stoppard was concerned that because of The Wind in the Willows. It may be confused so he changed the name to heroes.
Stoppard said: “Curiously enough, I think it's also a play about the fact that we don't die. That something of us continues, even if it's just somebody's memory of us. Corporeal death is not the whole story.

Directed by Margaret Bell it is as the above suggests a three-hander male cast plus a concrete dog; who not only do the three men think is alive; the audience will observe it does a fair amount of moving during the performance.

All three actors are well respected in their performances to date and Gary and Cam are also directors; three directors in a production??! Not a problem they work together seamlessly and Andrew whose character has a piece of shrapnel in his head passes out at the most inopportune times and more frequently as time progresses.
It is a poignant work with great humour intertwined and compelling to watch; expertly acted. I won’t do a spoiler of the end but you will not be sorry you go to view this production. All three give a moving and realistic portrayals of their characters.

The show opens 9th March and plays to the 30th, book tickets on line or phone 0435591720

Sunday 17th SOLD OUT

Auslan performance 22nd March

Matinee 24th March 2pm
William J

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