Betrayal by Harold Pinter Print

Directed by Gary O'Neil

THERE’S something about Harold Pinter that, in my eyes, sets him apart from his “absurdist” contemporaries ... lots of talk that seems to go round in circles, no plot as such and rarely an ending to a piece ...   This was the case with the centenary production of the 1978 opus, Betrayal.      It is a short piece, just over an hour long, but Director Gary O’Neil split it into two acts, which worked fine. In fact the second act was over before I knew it, which is a great compliment to any production .... It is a play that needs competent acting to make it succeed and in this case it generally did.  ... There was small audience when I saw the show, which was a pity because the production does deserve better.     Eric Scott,, 8 June 2008