Sailing South by Judith Prior Print

Directed by Norma Braddock

"Judith Prior’s piece lays no claims to depth or subtlety – it is described in the publicity as “a rollicking romp of unlikely proportions set on the high seas on the way to Australia” – so no-one need expect sophistication. There are two main scenes, one set in a court of law as various felons are sentenced to transportation, and the other on board the transport ship, with the Judge turned Captain and the convicts as crew. The text is larded with songs (audience participation compulsory), limericks, slapstick and one-line jokes. All of which seems much funnier than it deserves when one has eaten a delicious dinner washed down by a little wine. The ‘restaurant’ side of this theatre-restaurant experience was a huge success and the group is to be congratulated on excellent catering and superb organisation – something not always achieved by every group who attempts it. All of which contributed to an atmosphere of warmth and conviviality, giving the actors every chance to relax and enjoy themselves. ... Clearly the cast enjoyed themselves and the director was proud of what she and they had achieved. Sue Watson and her team devised a very attractive set, the costumes looked good, the music contributed to the atmosphere and the audience was delighted and appreciative." Maureen Strugnell,, 29 July 2007