Shadowlands by William Nicholson Print

Directed by Brenda White

"By the way, we saw "Shadowlands" the other night and my only complaint is my hands hurt from clapping. Absolutely beautiful" via e-mail - 30.05.07

"To the Cast of Shadowlands,
Thank you for a most enjoyable evening last Saturday. Your portrayal of C S Lewis’ latter years was superbly acted. The players of the lead characters of Jack, Warnie & Joy can justly take a bow – you were magnificent in every detail!" via e-mail - 28 May 2007

"Hi. Just want to let you know that [we] thoroughly enjoyed Shadowlands. The cast were excellent and portrayed the story of C. S. Lewis in a very strong and realistic way. Would you please give our thanks to everyone involved in the production. [We] felt very welcome at the theatre - it was like a little family. Thank you for such a lovely night. Bless you, " via e-mail - 26 May 2007

"It is the story of writer C.S. “Jack” Lewis and the love that came to him later in life in the person of American poet, divorcee Joy Gresham. ... The action mainly focused on this pair, with interaction with Jack and his bachelor brother Major W.H. “Warnie” Lewis ...... and fellow academics who wandered in an out of the plot line to add bits of information. These roles and sundry other characters were played by a bunch of competent actors ..... But the lynchpin of this production is the lead roles. They need to be acted out to the highest degree or the play, despite a fine script, would fade to oblivion. Director Brenda White was clever in casting two of Brisbane’s best community theatre actors for the show .... Sue Watson’s design worked well and covered several locations adequately. There was also some imaginative work behind the scrim ... it is a production well worth a visit." Eric Scott, - 14 May 2007