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"...Godfrey Bathurst stands out as Albert Larkin .... he shares the funniest scene in the show with ... Anne Lyons. She has some great lines ... Rhanie Grainger ... does sass to a T as the mysterious Lucy Napier. Rob Attenborough oils his way through the key role of Tax Inspector Dodds with just the right amount of unctuous deviousness, while Selina Kadell plays Sarah Davenport ... smoothly and with a nice degree of understatement. And the whole troupe sustains a very credible range of very English accents. ... It aims to be a nice night's entertainment, and in that, the audience was not disappointed at the well-attended performance I attended" Anne Ring (Review, Stagediary.com) - 18 November 2001

"Have been to see, and as usual a wonderful production by a group of talented performers." Ann Jacobsen (Member) - 23 November 2001

The Heiress PDF Print E-mail

"... All of the performances were very solid with sound support from Pam Alick as ... Aunt Lavinia Penniman, Martin Blum as dubious suitor Morris Townsend, Samantha Porter (who managed to bring life & presence to the traditionally thankless role of the maid Maria ... The action was played out against a single, and excellently designed set that gave the solidity of a comfortable middle-class sitting room ... the characters - and especially the females - wore a splendid range of costumes and hats ... It was a pleasure to get drawn into the drama of a traditional play of a bygone era" Anne Ring (Review Stagediary.com) - 22 September 2001

Boss of the Pool PDF Print E-mail

"The intellectually handicapped are one of those minorities who receive little attention in the creative arts. Issues such as the nature of institutional care and the need to recognise the basic humanity of the disabled are left alone ... Hence Mary Morris has made a fine contribution in writing Boss ... and the CTG are to be congratulated for tackling it. Lisa Hefford acts convincingly ... Anthony West does an outstanding job .. Other roles are generally well cast and played ... While the actors do well, it is evidence that Rod Felsch has used a deft hand in making it all happen. Transitions are smooth and scenes are well set ... Centenary have, again, done a splendid job."    John Henningham  (Reviewer Stagediary.com) - 5 August 2001

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"Also big congratulations on Beyond Therapy which our group of 10 greatly enjoyed - those who were not theatre-goers and had expectations of stuffiness, amateurity and boredom were very surprised at the professional standard - they didn't expect to laugh so much." Brigette Abela - Audience Member - June 2001 

"Went to the production on Sunday 6pm and enjoyed the show immensely. I often think that a lot of work goes in by the actors ... Congratulations to all concerned. Another top production!"  Ann Jacobson (member) - 21 May 2001 

"... In a well orchestrated production, director Len Granato and his determined cast of delightfully neurotic characters ... inhabit a comedic twilight zone which is indeed 'Beyond Therapy'. ... The talents of the players are well balanced, secure and offer a warm ensemble feeling. ... Walking into the Chelmer Community Centre I was nostalgically reminded of the early playing spaces of Brisbane Repertory, Brisbane Arts, the original Twelfth Night and the U of Q's Avalon, where imagination made up for limited budgets .. Long may such venues survive in our suburbs presenting works with this production's commitment to production values on a shoe-string ..." Ron Finney (Reviewer, Stagediary.com) - 5 May 2001

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