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Chase Me Up Farndale Avenue Si'l Vous Plait PDF Print E-mail

"The play just crackled along and was really very funny.  It helps when you have a top class cast too, one that really knows how to deliver comic lines.  It was a very well cast play ....   The cast worked together to create belly laughs from beginning to end and had the audience responding with great glee." Eric Scott, absolutetheatre.com.au , 24 November 2004

" ...There are indeed some nice performances from the cast who work hard from start to finish. ...  The set, complete with panels that fall down, doors that get jammed and furniture that collapses, has been designed well by the clever Sue Watson. Costumes are well chosen and the entire cast thoroughly enjoy themselves on stage. The audience seemed to like it too, which of course is the main thing."  Andrea Carne, www.stagediary.com., 28 November 2004

Ring Round the Moon PDF Print E-mail

"CTG has a good production on its hands here. Director Ron Finney has assembled a fine cast in a fast paced and amusing rendition of this charming play .... On the whole, the entire cast work together as a cohesive ensemble with entrances, exits and line delivery well-paced throughout .... Ron Finney has obviously spent a great deal of time working on the fast pace required to make the piece work .... Lighting, sound and a beautifully understated set designed by Sue Watson all contribute to a very polished production ..." Andrea Carne (Stagediary) 8 October 2004.

"Vocal work throughout the piece is outstanding. Even taking into account the small size of the theatre space it is refreshing to hear such good, uniform articulation and clarity. The entire cast excel ..." Bellman M/C Reviews - 16 October 2004 (www.reviews.media-culture.org.au)

"Delightful performance .... very slick and entertaining" Olympia, The Independent, 14 October 2004

"Ring Round the Moon hits the high standards I've become accustomed to from the Centenary Group. It makes for a pleasant night at the theatre." Eric Scott, absolutetheatre.com.au, 13 October 2004

Ratbags PDF Print E-mail

"... the script contains many witty .... episodes .. and make for an enjoyable and original show ... While ... Ratbags won't be cleaning up at the Tony awards for best musical any time soon, it is nevertheless an entertaining production that audiences young and old can enjoy for a pleasant night out." Simon Massey di Vallazza (Stagediary) 24 July 2004

"You can't say the CTG don't have variety in their annual program ... this time going for very non-classic fun in Ratbags ... Susan O'Toole did a fantastic job to get a cast of 28, many playing multiple roles, ready for a spirited opening night performance ... [they] worked hard to make the world premiere of the play succeed more than it deserved" Eric Scott (absolutetheatre.com.au) 30 July 2004

The Innocents PDF Print E-mail

"This theatre group has done (the story) more than justice with a close attention to detail and extremely good directing ....  You must see this".  Oscar - The Independent

"... it’s another good night out from the Centenary Theatre Group." Eric Scott (absolutetheatre.com.au

"Brenda White, ... has brought this chilling ghost story of innocence and evil to life with a wonderful cast of children and adults that does much to build upon her fine reputation as a director with an eye for detail ... 4 stars"  Nigel Munro Wallis (ABC Radio) 

"Sets designed by the very clever Sue Watson have never disappointed me and this one is no exception. Attention to detail, from colour choices and window treatments to furniture and ornaments, means we are instantly transported to an English country home in the 1860s. Costumes are also well-chosen, creating a visually pleasing production.

Director Brenda White has gone to great lengths to use the entire stage and create a good deal of movement in what could be a very stilted play if not directed well.  Clever positioning of furniture and use of areas such as the stairs for some scenes ensures we never see the actors in one area of the stage for too long. This works extremely well and keeps the play moving at a good pace throughout." Andrea Carne (Stagediary) 11 June 2004

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