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A Play reading with High Tea of Edward Albee's

A Delicate Balance

Featuring -

Sheila Bradley as Agnes
Brian Cannon as Tobias
Kaye Stevenson as Claire
Dale Murison as Fiona
Colin Turner as Harry
Kym Ford as Julia

Wealthy middle-aged couple, Agnes and Tobias have their complacency shattered when Harry and Edna, long-time friends appear at their doorstep. Claiming an encroaching, nameless "fear" has forced them from their own home, these neighbours bring a firestorm of doubt, recrimination and ultimately solace, upsetting the "delicate balance" of Agnes and Tobias' household. "Powerful...A beautiful play filled with humour and compassion, and touched with poetry...[with] the stature and eloquence of a classic."-New York Daily News "A brilliant play."-New York Post "An evening of theatrical fireworks."-The New York Times

$10 for reading & high tea -- bookings can be made on-line or by calling 0435 591 720

Cash at door please ...

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