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Saturday, 3 September 2016 at 1:30pm 

Directed by:            Debra Chalmers

Season:                     12 November - 3 December 2016

Genre:                       Comedy/Farce


Matthew Perry a man brought up by surrounded by wealth and privilege suddenly finds himself in the middle of a midlife crisis.  Yearning the free and single jet setting life he declares to his wife on New Years Eve that he will murder her before the year is out.  But Julia has other plans, one of which is to stay alive to attend their daughter’s wedding.  Adding to the confusion in this “When’s he gonna do it” are the Perry’s dim witted daughter Bunny, her ever adoring fiancé Donald, the family Buttram who has his own secret or two and Plotnik a bumbling detective who couldn’t even buy a clue let alone find one.  And so the games begin – an hilarious yearlong match of wits and the witless, of body counts rising and of compromising situations all carried out on the grounds of the Perry family estate.


Rehearsals:  Sundays (all day) and Monday and Tuesday evenings.  May be subject to change.



Actors required – 5 Men and 3 Women


Matthew Perry:  (Generic American Accent) Mid to late 50’s - a man bought up surrounded by wealth and privilege suddenly finds himself in the middle of a midlife crises. 

Buttram:  (English Accent) Mid 50’s to 60’s – a pompous and stuffy long time family Butler who harbours a terrible secret.

Julia Perry:  (Generic American Accent) Mid 50’s – an elegant and intelligent woman who loves her husband despite his many faults is continually trying to keep one step ahead of him.

Bunny:  (Generic American Accent) Mid 20’s – Matthew and Julia’s sweet but dim witted daughter.

Donald:  (Generic American Accent) Early 30’s – Bunny’s fiancé.  He is a very earnest and somewhat naive young man and very much in love with Bunny.

Detective Plotnik:  (Be able to imitate famous detectives) 40’s to 50’s – A witless and bumbling detective who believes he is another Sam Spade and Charlie Chan.  

House Servant 1:  Male.  20’s to 30’s.  Non speaking role.  Responsible for set changes and will be given some action.

House Servant 2:  Female.  20’s to 30’s.  Non speaking role.  Responsible for set changes and will be given some action.          

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That from 2016 our Friday & Saturday night performances will start at 7.30pm

The first Sunday performance will start at 6pm

The second Sunday performance will start at 2pm

The theatre restaurant performs on a Saturday & Sunday only, starting at 6pm

2016 Season ... PDF Print E-mail

David Williamson’s When Dad Married Fury


Directed by Gary O’Neil


27 Feb, 4, 5, 6   11, 12, 13   18, 19 March


Watch out! Here comes the bride… brothers Ian and Ben and their wives are on the way to Sydney to visit their recently widowed father flying in from the States. Three big surprises are in store when they arrive at his seventy-fifth birthday celebrations - The “Old Man” is worth $100 million, he’s married Fury an American beauty queen half his age and there is NO pre-nup… Williamson delivers another gripping play and his most memorable characters to date.

Is there more to the beautiful Fury than meets the eye? Is Alan the father he thinks he is? Do Ben’s loyalties lie with his wife, his dad or himself? Can Ian contain his greed long enough to get a signature on the right will? And who is to blame for the death of Ben’s father-in-law?

One thing is for certain: everything changed when Dad married Fury.

Agatha Crispie


By Cenarth Fox


Directed by Brian Hinselwood

7, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 27 and 28 May

In  the  south  of England  not  long  after  World  War  1  the  unknown  writer  Agatha  Crispie  writes  mystery stories. She longs for their publication but her snobbish family despise her writing and ridicule her plots.  Agatha gets a lucky break when a body is found in the library.  The police arrive as does a grey-haired cardigan-wearing spinster with a knack for solving crimes. Suddenly the pressure is too much. Agatha disappears but immediately after a dapper foreigner appears. He too has a knack for solving mysteries. There  is  a  dead  body,  suspects,  amateur  sleuths,  red  herrings  and  dithering  cops - just like the life and characters of another scribbler, the slightly better-known Agatha Christie. There are surprises, mystery, drama, humour and that infernal, eternal mousetrap!

Up Pompeii

By Miles Tredinnick

Directed by William McCreery-Rye


A theatre restaurant

 16,  17, 23, 24,  30, 31 July and 6 August


Based on the original characters from the Frankie Howerd BBC comedy this hilarious romp through ancient Pompeii brings to the stage Lurcio the slave, his master Ludicrus Sextus and mistress Ammonia, burgeoning daughter Erotica, poetic son Nausius and a host of other characters.  In true Carry on…. and Up Pompeii style a myriad of sexual liaisons are planned in all quarters of the master's house and chaos soon follows. Intrigue follows hilarious intrigue - and just what is that ominous rumbling? Woe, woe and thrice woe!

The Mayne Inheritance – a Play

 By Errol O’Neil

Directed by Rod Felsch


10,   16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 30 September and 1 October


A grisly murder, inherited madness, and a family in ruins...Historians continue to differ over the facts of the Mayne family legacy but The Mayne Inheritance - a play will leave you in no doubt of the high drama and personal tragedy their lives entailed. A taut psychological thriller that reverberates across several generations of the family and the society they generously supported throughout a period of nearly one hundred years. Small portions of the play take place in London and New Zealand but the heartbeat of the play is in its Brisbane locations and their strong connection with this troubled family and the city's history. 

A Little Murder Never Hurt Anyone

 By Ron Bernas

Directed by Debra K Chalmers

12, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27 November, 3 and 4 December


An evening of witty dialogue and slapstick comedy as bored rich Matthew vows to kill his equally rich, bored wife Julia in order to become a fancy free jet setter like his recently widowed friend and so the game begins - a hilarious yearlong match of wits and the witless. Matthew is successful in murdering everyone but Julia, several mysterious deaths occur on the grounds of the family estate, there is a butler who is not what he seems, a detective who can't buy a clue…. Julia and gentlemanly butler Buttram are stumbled upon in a compromising situation and their dim daughter tries to plan her wedding amongst it all!

2016 SEASON LAUNCH PDF Print E-mail


This year the presentation will be held “in tableau”

with theatrical scenarios and brief presentations by the directors

and as is usual at CTG...

followed by drinks and nibbles in the Harlequin Bar.

Hoping you can join us on this exciting occasion

Any inquiries please call 0435 591 720

Chelmer Community Centre, Cnr. Queenscroft & Halsbury Streets, Chelmer

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